Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New Leman Russ Kit ???

On my internet travels i came across this -

Possibly a new leman russ kit, by looking at the turret it may seem that way or its a very good converison.

Who knows!!!!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Blood Angel GT Lists!

Rightie so ive got my codex and started planning my tournament lists! IVe got two, one i thought up just having a read and the second is a armour spam list for 1500 points.

But i can decide which list i want :( !

Thoughts and comments please!

List No 1)


Libby with storm shield - Pts 145
psychic powers - Shield of Sanguinius + Unleash Rage


3 x Sanguinary Priest - pts 215
2 x jump pack
1x power weapon


10 Tactical Marines - Pts 215
Multi Melta

2 x 10 Assault Marines - Pts 470
Power fists

8 Assault Marines - Pts 189
Melta + Power fist

Land Raider - Pts 215
Dedicated transport for 8 man marine

Total 1449

What to add for 51 points!

Second Marine List

Libby - Pts 130
Termi armour with storm bolter
psychic powers - Blood Lance + Unleash Rage

Furiso Libby Dread - Pts 175

6 x Termi Assault Squad - Pts 260
4 Thunder Hammers

Sang Priest - Pts 85
Termi Armour

2 x 6 Tac Marines - Pts 322

2 x 5 Man Assault Squad - Pts 270
Melta + Power fist

Land Raider Crusader - 250

Total points - 1492

Comments would be brill????

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

End of the UK 40k GT? Or the rebirth?

So for those of you who dont know, GW has decided to remove the UK GT format for both WFB and 40k. Meaning instead of having a 3 heats and a final, they are now 4 seperate tournaments with no final.

Now there could be a list of reasons for this?

Buisness / Money - Not having to put on a free tournament

Competitive - Trying to move away from a WAAC scene and open it up to more people.

Personally i think this is a sad time. As for me in the UK the GT was the the tournament for the best of the best and it was great to have players from all over europe come and play. Now i dont think this is gonna stop them, but we lost the UK's most presitious 40k event.

There are now talks to try and set up an independant committee or link up with some of the other UK stores in order to organise a replacement tournament with regional qualifiers and a final. The main forum for this is

Independant Grand Tournament Forum

Now the WFB scene is completely different and i believe the guys from Unseen Lurker are trying to set it up, i really hope 40k indy tournament scene has the boost that the WFB has got in the last two years!

Id really like to see a replacement, but what do you guys think?

Friday, 2 April 2010

Wargaming in New Zealand!

So its my first real post for 2010 and I’m still travelling! While wargaming has taken a back seat, its still there in my mind! While ive been enjoying the beautiful country of New Zealand, I’ve got a job here for a few months (though im quite literally in the middle of nowhere near a glacier). This has let me settle down for abit and because there isn’t alot else to do besides walking and baking, wargaming is back! So I thought I’d run alittle mini series of all things wargaming in new Zealand!

Not sure exactly what its going to cover but all things wargaming that I’ve found in my travels over here. My main link with what going on in the rest of the world has been TGN and Ranking HQ which has its very own ranking s for the guys in New Zealand (go look!). Lets not forget New Zealand was the birth place of Flames of War as well!

So far the hidden gem for me has been Trade Me as New Zealand doesn’t have an ebay as such trade me is there ebay. I picked up a brand new copy of space hulk for 100 New Zealand dollars including postage, which isn’t bad if you ask me. Plus they got loads of other stuff on there, take alook!

Other sites I’ve come across are the Tabletop Terrain, great little website with loads of tutorials and tips and a good little guide on how to make your own custom colour dip, looks really good on the genestealers from space hulk!!!

Another brill link is Vagabonds based in Auckland, brilliant shop with loads of wargaming goodness! I shall be ordering my Horus Heresy novels!

I’m currently waiting for my Blood Angels Codex to appear on pre order from Wayland Games, I recommended for international shipping especially if your in New Zealand! So once I get that ill be doing a proper review of the codex (gone abit mad with blood angels!). In other news alittle while ago at Games Day 2009 i had a rumour float around about phatom titans and lo and behold!

So now hopefully there will be the second masterclass book coming soon!!!! Anyway once I’ve got a few more links and some pictures of blood angels i shall being posting it. Its all old news i know!