Saturday, 15 August 2009

Gt Update 2


So ive been upto abit more stuff. Havent been able to undercoat stuff as im waiting for some Vallejo black undercoat to appear as a replacement for the GW stuff which has been going grey on me!

Ive just built some objective markers for my upcoming x legion tournament

And here is the work in progress cross design i tried. I think i used too much undercoat and i couldn't get the sharpness in it. Its really trial and error and its the first time ive done this sort of thing. Its ok for gaming quality, but i would of liked it to come out abit better. Just need some more practice though.

I was happy with the gems though this isnt a great photo.

C&C please, like to know what you all think?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

GT update + Tutorial!

Update - Due to a dentist costing me 240 quid i am unable to take this army which was abit of a pig, but ive got about 4 jetbikes im gonna paint. Here is a semi completed one, just need to do the gems and seat. Let me know what you think?

Tutorial Time - Here im going to show you how to get lovely neat lines on jet bikes, other tutorials will show you the more advanced methods for doing zig zag patterns.

Part 1 - Spray canopy white and paint a bone line (doesnt have to be neat), this one took 3 layers of watered down bleach bone for a nice flat finish.

Part 2 - Mask off the selected area (6mm masking tape, though you can use any size)

Part 3 - Spray black

Part 4 - Wait till its dry and pull off the tape and presto, nice neat straight line! Easy and this is just the beginning for stuff you can do!

Anyway ill update with finished bike at some point!

Tau Army List Template


here is another army list template this time, its a tau one! Nice and easy and it was done as ive got to take a tau army to a tournament. So if you are after any templates please let me know and ill try do them.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Throne of Skulls Heat 1 2009 Project log!

So now ive got some pics, ive changed the army and decided to go with a dirty flying seer council of death! (List to come)

So it involves lots of jet bikes and so to help me paint these quickly ive decided to mask some areas and break the bikes down and paint lovely zig zag patterns and alsorts!

So here are some pics, its only a quick update but ill let the pics speak for themselves!

Here is the masking tape, ive got it in 0.5mm upto 6mm to help do patterns brilliant stuff, look on ebay for it, very cheap!

Till the next update!